Franchise Estimated Costs | Trucks, Trailers and Containers*


  Estimated Costs
Franchise Fee (initial) $ 25,000.00
Opening & Support (initial setup) $ 10,000.00
Event management and book services (3 months) $ 7,500.00
Inventory & Supplies (Initial Setup, Estimated on projected sales during first 30 days) $ 25,000.00

2023 M2CA7S Sprinter extended version (Mercedes) - vehicle purchase price (or newer, based on MRSP)^^

$ 68,000.00

Cargo Van Coffee truck conversion

$ 44,950.00

Design and engineering - estimate. Includes costs for design, engineering and plan submission/approval. 

$ 9,500.00

Interior build-out (Shelves, cabinetry and worktables, etc)

$ 12,495.00
Equipment (includes refrigeration, blenders, 2 x Jura Professional Coffee Maker (Giga 8) $ 29,995,00
Point of Sale (POS) System/Software $ 10,000.00
15,000 BTU Air Conditioning (includes installation) $ 4,500.00
7kW Honda Eu700iS generator (or similar)  $ 5,999.00
Solar Panels & Battery Packs $14,500.00
Signage and Full-body wrap with branding + additional mobile signage $ 7,500.00
License fees (estimate depends on location) & deposits

$ 5,000.00

Initial Training** (+ Training Related Expenses)*** $ 20,000.00
Additional Expenses/Unforeseen $ 15,000.00
Estimated Total Costs (exclusive of taxes) $ 314,939.00
Initial deposit is 50%


* Costs Estimates are based on historical data and are used as an example only

^ Depends on model, Costs for drive-thru's are lower as there is no seating furniture required

** Franchisee business training + 2 person barista training

***Includes living Expenses during the training period

^^ This estimated costs overview is based on purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter extended version Cargo Van. However,  the available options also include conversion of pre-owned conversions of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Dodge RAM ProMasters, Peugeot Boxer, Ford E-Transits, etc. The selection of the conversion of a  pre-owned Cargo Van, may reduce the overall initial investment. 

Airstream or Replica Airstream Style concession Trailers

Instead of converting a new or pre-owned Cargo Van, our 'Roastmasterz' brand also includes the option of converting a Vintage Airstream Trailer or building a Replica Airstream Style Trailer as a mobile coffee trailer/mobile food kitchen.  Completely customizable on the inside Airstream Style replicas are available in different lengths: 12ft / 16ft / 20ft / 24ft / 28ft / 30ft. Price start at $ 69,950.00 for purchase. 

Coffee Containers

For select franchisees our 'Roastmasterz' brand offers the conversion of shipping containers. These shipping containers offer a unique style and aesthetic designed to enhance to the 'Roastmasterz' brand. The modularity and ease of transport makes these shipping container modular coffee bars the ideal solution for a pop-up restaurant, a seasonal venue, or for catering facilities at events and much more.  


The Process

Design approval (Country)

Each project is different, and our 'Roastmasterz' brand offers a variety of design options for mobile coffee sales. After signing the proposal, our design team will make detailed floor-plans, 3D renderings, and engineering diagrams for the build-out of the truck, trailer or container. Once these drawings are completed, we submit these plans for approval to your local health department overseeing your specific territory). As soon as the applicable health department approves we start building.

Production and final inspection 

After completing the build-out, health inspection approval (and final payment is made) you become a proud owner of a 'Roastmasterz' brand coffee truck, trailer or container. 


Approximately eight weeks prior to completing the build-out of your 'Roastmasterz' brand coffee truck, trailer or container, you and your business partners, and key operators will complete the 'Roastmasterz' Coffee Operations  Training. This training is four weeks long and takes place in Arizona. During the training you will meet your Point Of Contact (POC) for ongoing support, brand consultant and event management team. These teams are focusing on your success and support and guide you after your mobile coffee adventure starts - focused customer satisfaction, our teams are always ready to provide business guidance and support to our mobile coffee franchise owners 

Public Relations, Marketing and Events

Your success starts with the development and implementation of an effective public relation and marketing strategy. At Java Original Coffee Company, we focus on the development of a strategic public relation (PR) and marketing for our brands. And while PR and marketing each have their own approach, they are both important in building and maintaining a positive image of our 'Roastmatersz' brand. We support our mobile coffee franchise owners with a coordinated and integrated PR and Marketing plan to increase our brand’s visibility and reputation and your operations. We work through web, social media, local (print and broadcast) media, signage, billboards, and product development, to raise interest and customer volume. In addition, we are working with local event organizers to facilitate the participation of our mobile coffee franchise owners.


As a mobile coffee franchise owner you depend on the availability and quality of our supplies. Our distribution center operations in collaboration with our regional roasters guarantees that you are never without the supplies you'll need.