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Java Original Coffee

Grandfather's Legacy (Expresso, Cold brew or Drip)

Grandfather's Legacy (Expresso, Cold brew or Drip)

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Brown sugar, Cocoa, Dried fruit




Grandfather's Legacy is a special blend developed by out skilled and experienced roasters. After many months of trying to create an espresso blend that offered the perfect balance of a rich cocoa body, dried fruit, and crisp citrus notes, our roasters finally succeeded. Grandfather's Legacy is especially developed for espresso but it is also a wonderfully rich and dynamic drip coffee. With coffees from Guatemala and Ethiopia, this blend is wonderful as both an espresso, batch over and pour-over. 

This blend contains washed whole bean coffees. Ground options are available.

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Ah, yes, coffee! It's part of our favorite morning ritual. And while brewing a real great cup of coffee may seems easy, it's probably one of the most overlooked processes in creating your delicious morning drink.

The good news is, making real good cup of coffee is more about technique than splurging on expensive gadgets. A bold and delicious cup is attainable at home if you avoid some common mistakes. Read all about it in our brewing tips for home brewers section.

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